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Mediation and Appropriate Dispute Resolution

Our senior members are trained mediators, and have considerable experience in facilitating mediations for their clients.

Simha Law strongly believes and advocates for mediation or facilitative negotiation as a process of conflict resolution in all matters. Over the years, our team has successfully facilitated the mediation of several disputes across various industries, helping clients resolve complex cases within a short period of time. Where appropriate, we have facilitated negotiated settlements to the benefit of the parties.  Members of the team have inter alia – 

  • Advised on a cross-border content licensing dispute and represented the client as lead counsel in a successful SIMC mediation
  • Advised and successfully represented the subsidiary of a Japanese architectural and civil engineering company in a construction dispute arising out of a Supply and Installation contract in an institutional mediation before the Centre for Advanced Mediation Practices, seated in Bengaluru
  • Represented an Indian manufacturing company against a Japanese conglomerate in a dispute arising out of a supply contract for transistors used for setting up a green energy power plant. The matter was resolved via an ad-hoc mediation
  • Advised and represented an Australian company in negotiating with an English financial services company in the termination and settlement of outstanding dues under an Introducer Agreement
  • Advised and successfully represented an Indian artist in negotiating a settlement resulting in monetary compensation and a public apology from a reputed art institution in India in the context of a copyright infringement
  • Advised and represented an Indian party in a pre-litigation mediation concerning a domestic real-estate dispute against an Indian start-up
  • Advised and successfully represented an Indian subsidiary of a leading American provider of co-working spaces in its dispute with an Indian software company arising from non-payment of membership dues under the contract. Parties were able to successfully mediate and resolve the dispute amicably
  • Assisted Singapore Counsel as part of the counsel team in drafting pre-litigation documents (response of defence, requests for further and better particulars etc.) for a client, where matters were subsequently resolved through a successful SMC mediation

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